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{{see also|October 1983 Southwest United States floods}}
[[Image:Octave 1983 rainfall.gif|thumb|right|Rainfall due to [[1983 Pacific hurricane season#Tropical Storm Octave (1983)|Tropical Storm Octave]] throughout its track]]
The 1980s saw destructive tropical cyclones pass through the state, as was the case with the previous decade.
*October 1983: A weather system, including moisture from [[1983 Pacific hurricane season#Tropical Storm Octave|Tropical Storm Octave]], caused torrential rains over a ten-day period. The largest precipitation total occurred in [[Mount Graham]], which saw {{convert|12.00|in|mm}} of rain overall.<ref name="HPC Octave">{{cite web | author = Roth, David | title = Remains of Octave&nbsp;— September 29-October 4, 1983 | url = | publisher = [[Weather Prediction Center]] | work = Tropical Cyclone Rainfall Climatology | year = 2008 | accessdate = 2008-05-15}}</ref> The downpour caused record floods in the [[San Francisco River|San Francisco]], [[Gila River|Gila]], [[San Pedro River (Arizona)|San Pedro]], and Santa Cruz rivers. The latter breached its banks near [[Red Rock, Pinal County, Arizona|Red Rock]], and by its intersection with [[Interstate 8]], had flooded an area over {{convert|8|mi|km}} wide.<ref name="USACE Pima" /> Fourteen people drowned, 975 were injured, and roughly 10,000&nbsp;people were left homeless after the flooding ended. The amount of damage from the disaster was put at $370&nbsp;million (year unknown) USD. Other cities in the state also saw heavy rain, with {{convert|9.83|in|mm}} of precipitation measured at [[Nogales, Arizona|Nogales]], {{convert|6.67|in|mm}} at [[Safford, Arizona|Safford]], {{convert|6.40|in|mm}} at Tucson, {{convert|3.93|in|mm}} at [[Flagstaff, Arizona|Flagstaff]], {{convert|2.65|in|mm}} at Phoenix, and {{convert|2.62|in|mm}} at Prescott.<ref name="NWS Phoenix"/>
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