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[[File:叶尔羌河 - Yarkand River - 2015.04 - panoramio (1).jpg|thumb|right|260px|Yarkand River]]
The '''Yarkand River''' (or '''Yarkent River''') is a [[river]] in the [[Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region]] of western [[People's Republic of China|China]], originating in the [[Karakoram]] range and flowing into the '''[[Tarim River]]''', with which it is sometimes identified. However, in practicemodern times, the Yarkand river drains into the Shangyou Reservoir and exhausts its supply without reaching the Tamim river. The Yarkand River is approximately 1097 km (600 mi) in length, with an average discharge of {{convert|210|m3/s|cuft/s|abbr=on}}.
A part of the river valley is known to the [[Kyrgyz people]] as '''Raskam''', and the upper course of the river itself is also called the Raskam River.<ref>S.R. Bakshi, ''Kashmir through Ages'' {{ISBN|81-85431-71-X}} vol 1 p.22, in Google Books</ref> TheAnother rivername isof alsothe knownriver as theis '''Zarafshan River'''.<ref>[http://geonames.nga.mil/ggmagaz/ NGIA GeoNames search]</ref> The area was once claimed by the ruler of [[Hunza (princely state)|Hunza]].
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