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[[Governor of Florida|Florida Governor]] [[Rick Scott]] declared a [[state of emergency]] for 51&nbsp;[[List of counties in Florida|counties]].<ref name="chaney">{{cite news|url=|title=51 Florida Counties Now Under State of Emergency as Hermine Approaches|author=Eric Chaney and Pam Wright|date=September 1, 2016|publisher=[[The Weather Channel]]|accessdate=September 2, 2016}}</ref> In response to the then-developing storm, early voting for the primary election on August 30 was extended by one day in [[Bradford County, Florida|Bradford]], [[Broward County, Florida|Broward]], [[Charlotte County, Florida|Charlotte]], [[Duval County, Florida|Duval]], [[Hillsborough County, Florida|Hillsborough]], [[Miami-Dade County, Florida|Miami-Dade]], [[Orange County, Florida|Orange]], [[Osceola County, Florida|Osceola]], [[Palm Beach County, Florida|Palm Beach]]. and [[Pinellas County, Florida|Pinellas]] counties.<ref>{{cite news|url=|title=Storm causes state to encourage early voting|author=Joe Callahan|date=August 25, 2016|newspaper=[[Star-Banner]]|accessdate=September 2, 2016}}</ref> In six counties, school was canceled on September 1 and 2, while twenty-nine other counties had no school on September 2.<ref name="chaney"/><ref name="herminehaspassed">{{cite news|url=|title=Gov. Scott: While Hurricane Hermine has Passed Through Our State, Floridians Must Continue to Take Safety Precautions|date=September 2, 2016|publisher=[[Florida Division of Emergency Management]]|accessdate=September 2, 2016|location=Tallahassee, Florida|format=PDF}}</ref> Mandatory evacuations were ordered for portions of [[Dixie County, Florida|Dixie]], [[Franklin County, Florida|Franklin]], [[Taylor County, Florida|Taylor]], and [[Wakulla County, Florida|Wakulla]] counties.<ref name="chaney"/>
States of emergencies were declared in Georgia,<ref name="dearen"/> North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey due to the storm.<ref name="surfwinds">{{Cite news|url=|title=Hermine to Deliver 'Life-Threatening' Surf, Winds From North Carolina to New England|first=Elisha|last=Fieldstadt|publisher=NBC News|date=September 3, 2016|accessdate=September 3, 2016}}</ref> Hermine affected the east coast of the United States during the busy [[Labor Day]] weekend, causing many beaches to be closed in Delaware, New Jersey, and New York.<ref name="surfwinds"/> [[Amtrak]] canceled or altered train lines due to the threat from the storm.<ref name="dearen"/> In Savannah, Georgia, Bacon Fest was cancelled, and a [[beer festival|beer fest]] was moved indoors.<ref name="KATC"/> In [[Charleston, South Carolina]], the city government provided 3,000&nbsp;sandbags to residents, preparing less than a year after [[October 2015 North American storm complex|damaging floods]] hit the state. Outer Banks ferry service was cancelled<ref name="apnews"/> and bridges in [[Dare County, North Carolina]], were closed due to the high winds. Officials deployed or readied swift water teams, helicopters, and the [[North Carolina National Guard]] in the eastern portion of the state. The [[Virginia National Guard]] utilized 270&nbsp;members to help prepare for the storm's potential flooding and power outages.<ref name="apnews"/> A [[Bruce Springsteen]] concert in [[Virginia Beach, Virginia]], was postponed two days,<ref name="surfwinds"/> and several performances for the town's American Music Festival were cancelled or moved indoors.<ref>{{cite news|url=|title=Cancelations, concerts go indoors at the American Music Festival|date=September 2, 2016|work=[[WVEC|WVEC/13 News Now]]|publisher=[[TEGNA]]|location=[[Norfolk, Virginia|Norfolk]], [[Virginia|VA]]|access-date=September 4, 2016|via=}}</ref>