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Then Yarkand River flows north, parallel to the [[Tashkurgan Town|Tashkurgan]] valley, eventually receiving the waters of the [[Tashkurgan River]].
After this, it turns east and enters the [[Tarim Basin]], forming a rich oasis that waters the [[Yarkant county]]. Continuing northeast, it receives the [[Kashgar River]] from the west, eventually draining into the Shangyou Reservoir..
The drainage area of Yarkand is 108,00 sq. km. It irrigates areas in [[Taxkorgan County|Taxkorgan]], [[Yecheng County|Yecheng]], [[Poskam County|Poskam]], [[Yarkant County|Yarkand]], [[Makit County|Makit]] and [[Bachu County|Bachu]] counties. It also irrigates ten mission fields in the Agricultural Division.<ref name="Chen2014">{{citation|last=Chen|first=Yaning|title=Water Resources Research in Northwest China|url=https://books.google.com/books?id=jWDFBAAAQBAJ&pg=PA16|year=2014|publisher=Springer Science & Business Media|isbn=978-94-017-8017-9|pages=16–}}</ref>
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