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===Inside Jetavana===
[[File:Jetavana of Sravasti Sanchi Stupa 1 Northern Gateway.jpg|thumb|300px|Jetavana of [[Sravasti]], showing the three preferred residences of the Buddha. [[Sanchi]].]]
Some of the chief buildings attached to the Jetavana are mentioned in the books by special names, viz., Mahāgandhakuti, Kaverimandalamāla, Kosambakuti and Candanamāla. SNA.ii.403. Other buildings are also mentioned - e.g., the Ambalakotthaka-āsanasālā (J.ii.246). According to Tibetan sources the vihāra was built according to a plan sent by the devas of Tusita and contained sixty large halls and sixty small. The Dulva (Vinaya-pitaka in Tibetan) also gives details of the decorative scheme of the vihāra (Rockhill: op. cit.48 and n.2).