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"Transcription" is not the best term for this.
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("Transcription" is not the best term for this.)
Simone, Sir Edmund, and the narrator visit the Catholic Church of San Seville after the day's events. Simone aggressively seduces Don Aminado, a handsome, young, Catholic [[priest]], fellating him while Simone and the narrator have sex. Sir Edmund undertakes a blasphemous parody of the Catholic [[Eucharist]] involving desecration of the bread and wine using Don Aminado's urine and semen before Simone strangles Don Aminado to death during his final orgasm. Sir Edmund enucleates one of the dead priests' eyes, and Simone inserts it within her vagina, while she and the narrator have sex. The trio successfully elude apprehension for the murder of Don Aminado, and make their way down [[Andalusia]]. Sir Edmund purchases an African-staffed yacht so that they can continue their debaucheries, whereupon the story ends.
In a postscript, Bataille reveals that the character of Marcelle may have been partially inspired by his own mother, who suffered from [[bipolar disorder]], while the narrator's father is also amodeled transcription ofafter his own unhappy paternal relationship. In an English language edition, [[Roland Barthes]] and [[Susan Sontag]] provide critical comment on the events.
==Barthes: Metaphors of the eye and liquid==