Acta Eruditorum: Difference between revisions

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* H. Laeven, ''"The "Acta Eruditorum" under the Editorship of Otto Mencke. The History of an International Learned Journal between 1682 and 1707"'', trans. L. Richards, Amsterdam: APA-Holland University Press, 1990. Electronic version available through repository of University Library Nijmegen.
* A.H. Laeven and L.J.M. Laeven-Aretz, ''"The authors and reviewers of the Acta Eruditorum 1682-1735"'', Molenhoek, The Netherlands, 2014. [electronic publication]. Identifies and lists all authors and reviewers of individual contributions between 1882 and 1735. Available through repositories of University Library Leipzig and University Library Nijmegen.
* ''[ (Nova) Acta Eruditorum]'']: table of contents, 1682-1776
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