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→‎Bad reasons to revert: Clarifying pronouns and antecedents.
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(→‎Bad reasons to revert: Clarifying pronouns and antecedents.)
There are a number of things that sometimes motivate an editor to revert, but should not.
* Do not revert an edit because itthat edit is unnecessary; – becausedoing itso does not improve the article. For a reversion to be appropriate, the reverted edit must actually make the article worse. Wikipedia does not have a bias toward the status quo (except in cases of fully developed disputes, while they are being resolved). In fact, Wikipedia has a bias toward change, as a means of maximizing quality by maximizing participation.
* Even if you find an article was slightly better before an edit, in an area where opinions could differ, you should not revert that edit, especially if you are the author of the prior text. The reason for this is that authors and others with past involvement in an article have a natural prejudice in favor of the status quo, so your finding that the article was better before might just be a result of that. Also, Wikipedia likes to encourage editing.