James Ford Rhodes: Difference between revisions

(→‎Career: published in 1917 cf. http://www.worldcat.org/title/history-of-the-civil-war-1861-1865/oclc/1562261&referer=brief_results)
==Early life and education==
Cleveland was a center of the Western Reserve, heavily settled by New Englanders like his parents. His father Daniel P Rhodes was a Democrat and a friend of [[Stephen A. Douglas]]. He opposed the Lincoln administration during the Civil War; Rhodes said he was a "[[Copperhead (politics)|Copperhead]]." That caused problems for his sister, who was finally allowed to marry the up-and-coming [[History of the United States Republican Party|Republican]] businessman-politician [[Mark Hanna]].<ref>Thomas J. Pressly, ''Americans Interpret their Civil War'' (1954) p 169.</ref>
Rhodes attended [[New York University]], beginning in 1865. After graduation, he went to Europe, studying at the [[Collège de France]]. During his studies in Europe, he visited ironworks and steelworks. After his return to the United States, he investigated iron and coal deposits for his father.