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* [[Vermiform appendix|Appendix]]
* [[Hyperplasia]] of [[Peyer's patches]]
* [[Idiopathic]]
* [[Idiopathic]]<ref>{{Cite journal|last=Ambrona-Zafra|first=David|last2=Segura-Sampedro|first2=Juan José|last3=Fernández Isart|first3=Myriam|date=2018-07-13|title=Primary colo-colic intussusception as cause of intestinal obstruction|url=|journal=Medicina Clinica|volume=151|issue=1|pages=41–42|doi=10.1016/j.medcli.2017.11.007|issn=1578-8989|pmid=29241869}}</ref>
An earlier version of the [[rotavirus vaccine]] that is no longer used was linked to intussusception, but the current versions are not clearly linked.<!-- <ref name=WHO2013/> --> Due to a potential risk, they are thus not recommended in babies who have had intussusception.<ref name=WHO2013>{{cite journal|title=Rotavirus vaccines. WHO position paper – January 2013.|journal=Releve epidemiologique hebdomadaire / Section d'hygiene du Secretariat de la Societe des Nations = Weekly epidemiological record / Health Section of the Secretariat of the League of Nations|date=1 February 2013|volume=88|issue=5|pages=49–64|pmid=23424730|url=|deadurl=no|archiveurl=|archivedate=22 December 2015|df=}}</ref>