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Vācaspati examines five competing theories of linguistic meaning:<ref name=":0" /><ref>{{Cite book|title=Contribution of Vācaspati Miśra to Indian Philosoph|last=Ranganath|first=S.|publisher=Pratibha Prakashan|year=1999|isbn=|location=Delhi|pages=}}</ref>
*[[Mandana Misra|Mandana MiraMisra]]'s (''sphoṭavāda''), which involves grasping the meaning of a word or sentence by perceiving a ''[[sphoṭa]]'' or single holistic sound, which is distinct from the elements (sounds or characters) that make up the word or sentence;
*the [[Nyāya]] theory which involves concatenating the memory traces (''saṃskāra'') of momentary components of a word or sentence when we hear the final momentary component;
*the similar [[Mimamsa|Mīmāmsā]] theory, according to which our grasp of the meaning of a sentence lies in the memory traces created by the words; and