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In 1908, Yung joined "General" [[Homer Lea]], the former American military advisor to [[Kang Youwei]], in a bold and audacious military venture in China called the “Red Dragon Plan” that called for organizing a revolutionary conspiracy to conquer the two southern [[Guangdong|Guang]] provinces. Through Yung, Lea planned to solicit a united front of various southern Chinese factions and secret societies to organize an army that he would command for the revolution. If successful, Yung was slated to head a coalition government of revolutionary forces while Lea and his fellow conspirators hoped to receive wide-ranging economic concessions from the new government. The Red Dragon conspiracy subsequently collapsed and Yung lived his remaining years in poverty in [[Hartford, Connecticut]], and died in 1912.<ref>Chu, T.K., 150, Years of Chinese Students in America, p.9, Harvard China Review, Spring 2004; Lawrence M. Kaplan, Homer Lea: American Soldier of Fortune (University Press of Kentucky, 2010), 145-157.</ref>
After the [[Wuchang Uprising]], [[Sun YanYat Sen]] wrote to Yung Wing requesting help to build the newly-founded [[Republic of China]], however Yung was unable to go due to old age and illness. He requested his two sons to go in his place.<ref>{{cite book|title=Pioneers of Modern China: Understanding the Inscrutable Chinese|first=Khoon Choy|last= Lee}}</ref>
Yung Wing's grave is located at [[Cedar Hill Cemetery (Hartford, Connecticut)|Cedar Hill Cemetery]] outside Hartford, Connecticut.