Military budget of the Russian Federation: Difference between revisions

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[[IHS Inc.]] estimated the 2013 Russian military budget as being US$68.9 billion, US$78 billion in 2014, and predict a rise to US$98 billion in 2016.<ref>{{cite web|title=Russia surpasses UK as third biggest defense spender – report|url=|publisher=Russia Today|accessdate=1 March 2014}}</ref> IHS described this as a rapid increase in spending which will result in the defence budget increasing from 15.7 percent of federal expenditure in 2013 to 20.6 percent by 2016.<ref>{{cite web|title=Global Defence Budgets Overall to Rise for First Time in Five Years - Four of the five fastest growing defence markets in 2013 were in the Middle East; Russia grabs third place from Japan and the UK|url=|publisher=IHS inc.|accessdate=1 March 2014}}</ref>
The [[International Institute of Strategic Studies]] (IISS) estimated the 2013 Russian military budget at US$68.2 billion, a 31% rise since 2008.<ref>{{cite web|title=Russian military regains its clout|url=|publisher=Reuters via Japan Times|accessdate=1 March 2014}}</ref> IISS noted in their 2013 report that this meant that Russia had passed the UK and Saudi Arabia to become the world's third largest military spender, though exchange rates had also been a factor in this.<ref>{{cite web|last=Marcus|first=Johnathan|title=Military spending: Balance tipping towards China|url=http|publisher=BBC|accessdate=1 March 2014}}</ref>
The [[Stockholm International Peace Research Institute]] (SIPRI) 2017 Military Expenditure Database estimated Russia's military expenditure in 2016 at US$69.2 billion.<ref>{{cite web|title=SIPRI Military Expenditure Database |url= |publisher=Stockholm International Peace Research Institute |accessdate=1 March 2014 |deadurl=yes |archiveurl= |archivedate=8 February 2014 |df= }}</ref> This estimate is roughly twice that of SIPRI's estimate of the Russian military budget for 2006 (US$34.5 billion).