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This is not Tarim Basin
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(This is not Tarim Basin)
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The upper river valley is used by climbers approaching the north face of [[K2 (mountain)#North Ridge|K2]]. The approach requires a crossing of the river, which is hazardous. Between its confluence with the Shimshal Braldu River and its confluence with the Oprang River the river forms the border between China and [[Gilgit-Baltistan|Pakistan-administered Kashmir]].<ref name=ibs/> The area is used as winter pastures by yak herdsmen from the village of [[Shimshal]], and is the only part of Pakistan in the [[Tarim Basin]].<ref>[ 2000 Mock & O'Neil Oprang Expedition Report]</ref>
Administratively, the Chinese part of the valley is within the southernmost portions of [[Yarkand County]] (the source) and the [[Tashkurgan Tajik Autonomous County]] (lower course).