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(Included references to other tunnelling systems and mechanisms by other inventors and engineers)
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Much of the Beach subway story was recalled as precedent by [[Lawrence Edwards]] in his lead article of the August 1965 issue of Scientific American, which described his invention of [[Gravity-Vacuum Transit]].<ref name=Lawrence_Edwards>"Scientific American", August 1965.</ref>
The [[Beach Tunnelling Shield]], similar to the 1864 English patent idea of [[Peter W. Barlow|Barlow]]'s, was used in the construction of the [[Grand Trunk Railway]] of Canada's first [[St. Clair Tunnel]] between [[Port Huron, Michigan]] and [[Sarnia]], [[Ontario]].<ref>[[William D. Middleton]], ''Metropolitan Railways: Rapid Transit in America.'' Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2003; pg. 17.</ref> This tunnel opened in 1890.
In January 1887 Beach donated land to 7 men who were starting a yacht club in Stratford, CT. The Housatonic boat club is the oldest operating yacht club in CT.