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(→‎Etymology: rm misleading and irrelevant digression on the word "professora" in Romance languages)
{{About||the Scarface album|Emeritus (album)|Emeritus Senior Living, a provider of assisted living and skilled nursing for seniors|Emeritus Senior Living}}
'''''Emeritus''''' ({{IPAc-en|ə|ˈ|m|ɛr|ᵻ|t|ə|s}}),{{#tag:ref|
feminine '''''emerita''''' or '''''emeritus'''''; plural '''''emeriti''''' (masc.) or '''''emeritae''''' (fem.); abbreviation '''''emer.'''''
|group=Note}} in its current usage, is an adjective used to designate a retired [[professor]], [[Priesthood (Catholic Church)|pastor]], [[bishop]], [[pope]], [[Company director|director]], [[president]], [[prime minister]], or other person.