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After studying dramatic art, Jagger has worked in many fields, including theatre, cinema, clothes design, and decoration. He first appeared in the musical 'Hair' in Tel Aviv for six months, later with the Black Theatre of Brixton at the [[Institute of Contemporary Arts|ICA]] in London with Rufus Collins, then joined [[The Glasgow Citizens' Theatre]] where he appeared with, amongst others, [[Kieran Hinds]], [[Pierce Brosnan]], and [[Sian Thomas]]. He also played repertory theatre in Nottingham, Plymouth, and [[Hammersmith Lyric London]].
In the 1970s, his project for recording an album with the [[Flying Burrito Brothers]] was aborted. In the 1980s, he contributed to two of [[the Rolling Stones]]' albums, ''[[Dirty Work (The Rolling Stones album)|Dirty Work]]'' (1986) and ''[[Steel Wheels]]'' (1989),{{cncitation needed|date=September 2017}} while he also worked in France with [[Vanessa Paradis]]'s producer, [[Franck Langolff]].
Jagger has also worked as a journalist (contributing articles for ''[[The Daily Telegraph]]'', ''[[The Guardian]]'', ''[[The Mail on Sunday]]'', ''[[The Independent on Sunday]]'' and ''[[Rolling Stone]]''), and wrote and presented for [[BBC Radio 2]] a program about [[Alexis Korner]], a blues pioneer, and co-produced a film for [[Sky Arts]] channel called ''I Got the Blues in Austin''.
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