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[[File:Marcellus (by George Crabbe).PNG|thumb|Drawing of Marcus Claudius Marcellus in ''Universal Historical Dictionary'' by [[George Crabb (writer)|George Crabb]]]]
'''Marcus Claudius Marcellus''' ({{IPAc-en|m|ɑr|ˈ|s|ɛ|l|ə|s}}; c. 268 – 208 BC), five times elected as [[Roman consul|consul]] of the [[Roman Republic]], was an important Roman military leader during the Gallic War of 225 BC and the [[Second Punic War]]. Marcellus gained the most prestigious award a Roman general could earn, the ''[[spolia opima]]'', for killing the Gallic military leader and king [[Viridomarus]] in hand-to-hand combat in 222 BC at the [[Battle of Clastidium]]. Furthermore, he is noted for having conquered the fortified city of [[Siege of Syracuse (214–212 BC)|Syracuse]] in a protracted siege during which [[Archimedes]], the famous mathematician, scientist and inventor, was killed. Marcus Claudius Marcellus died in battle in 208 BC, leaving behind a legacy of military conquests and a reinvigorated Roman legend of the ''spolia opima''.
== Early life: distinguished soldier and politician ==