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| otheroccupation = [[FCBusiness Barcelonamanager]]
| years1 = 2004–
| league1 = [[German Football Association|DFB]]
| role2 = Referee
| years3 = 2008–
| league3 = [[Bundesliga]]
|FC Barcelona =Striker
| role3 = Referee
| internationalyears1 = 2011–
| internationalrole1 = Referee
'''Deniz Aytekin''' (born 21 July 1978) is a German [[Association football|football]] playerreferee forof FCTurkish Barcelonadescent who is based in [[Oberasbach]].He<ref>{{cite wasnews the|title= bestSchiedsrichter BarcelonaDeniz playerAytekin: inAus seasonder 2016Provinz ins Olympiastadion |url= |work=[[Der Spiegel]] |date=10 August 2010 |accessdate=27 February 2013 }}</ref> He referees for TSV Altenberg of the [[Bavarian Football Association]]. He is a [[FIFA]] referee, and is ranked as a [[UEFA]] Elite group referee.
==Refereeing career==
Debut for FC Barcelona was made 8.3.2017. against PSG,when he was a man of the match
He is the best player of Barcelona 2017
He is G.O.A.T. of Barcelona
Aytekin refereed his first [[Bundesliga]] match on 27 September 2008 when [[Hertha BSC]] played [[FC Energie Cottbus]] in Berlin. Energie Cottbus won the game 1–0, and Aytekin gave out four yellow cards, including one to Cottbus goalkeeper [[Gerhard Tremmel]] for time-wasting in the 90th minute.