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The kayaks are specifically designed for polo and are faster and lighter than typical kayaks which give them fantastic maneuverability. The blades of a polo paddle have thick rounded edges to prevent injury. Paddles are also very lightweight and designed with both pulling power and ball control in mind. Nose and tail boat bumpers, body protection, helmets and face-guards are all compulsory.
In [[International Canoe Federation]] nomenclature used in some European countries, chiefly the [[United Kingdom]], the term canoe can refer to [[kayak]]s,<ref name="">{{cite web | url= | title=Buying a canoe or kayak | | accessdate=8 September 2014}}</ref>{{better source needed|date=December 2017}} while canoes are called ''[[Canadian canoe]]s'' or ''Open boats''. The boats in this game are paddled with a double-ended paddle and may be called "kayaks".
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=== Offensive ===
*'''Overload''': 1 or 2 players attack the side of the zone, pushing the defensive players together and creating space for a 3rd player to sprint into the newly created space, receive a pass from the 4th player and take a direct shot on the goal.
*'''Box player''': A player positions themselves directly under the goal, next to the keeper. The aim is to keep this position and to receive a quick pass and then have a short, direct shot at the goal or pass to another player who takes the opportunity to break thoughthrough the defence.
*'''Star''': The players position themselves around the zone and sprint in consecutively, a defensive player moves to block each player as they sprint in, the attacking team move the ball around as the players sprint in, threatening to take a shot. If done correctly the fifth player is able to sprint into the zone, will have no defensive player to block them, receive the pass from the 4th player and be able to take a direct shot on goal.
== Fouls ==
Most of the rules concern the safety of the players involved or are designed to keep the game fast -paced and exciting to play and watch.
*'''Illegal substitution and entry into the playing area''': Only 5 players are allowed in the playing area at once. During a substitution a player must be completely off the pitch (including all kit) before another player can come on.
== ICF Canoe Polo at the World Games ==
{{Main article|List of ICF Canoe Polo World Championships}}
=== Men ===
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