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== Theatre ==
It is a technical director's job to make sure the technical equipment in the theater is functional, maintained and safe, e.g. lightingThe andtechnical sounddirector, equipment;along with the technicalproduction directormanager, is responsible for the overall organization of the technical production process. Duties included are generating necessary working drawings for construction (in conjunction with a drafts person, if there is one); budget estimations and maintaining of accounts; materials research and purchasing; scheduling and supervising build crews; coordinating putload-ins; handling conflicts that arise between different departments; and organizing the strike and clean-up for the production. Often times the Technical Director can serve as the head of the scenic department, supervising the master carpenter, carpenters, charge artists and leading them in the realiziation of the scenic designer's vision.
"Technical director" can also refer to the in-house chief designer or master carpenter for a smaller theater company.
In venues that host touring productions, the TD may also be responsible for advancing the technical rider, hiring local crew, renting equipment and liaisoning between the tour manager and the local crew.
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