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==Early life==
Rash was born in [[Charlotte, North Carolina]], where he attended [[Charlotte Latin School]]. Both he and his sister were adopted.<ref name="Tompkins">Interview with Paul F. Tompkins, 'Speakeasy' {{YouTube|id=HxaO7lkXIhg|title=Community's Jim Rash is TV Ugly - Speakeasy}}</ref>
After graduating, he spent a post-graduate year at the [[Lawrenceville School]] in [[Lawrenceville, New Jersey]].<ref>{{cite web|author=Lance Carter|title=Q & A: Community's Jim Rash|url=http://www.dailyactor.com/2010/11/interview-jim-rash-community|work=Daily Actor|date=November 19, 2010|quote=Two things sort of started me towards what I wanted to do. One was I went to a school called Charlotte Latin School, in Charlotte and after I graduated from there, I really wanted to go to Chapel Hill. And, I just — now the world will know — my grades weren't great. I'll confess that, and so I really wanted to – I went to a post-graduate year at a boarding school up in New Jersey called the Lawrenceville School.|accessdate=March 15, 2012}}</ref> He later attended [[University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill]], where he was a member of [[Pi Kappa Alpha]].{{cn|date=October 2017}}
Rash played "Mr. Grayson/Stitches", sidekick to supervillain Royal Pain, in the 2005 film ''[[Sky High (2005 film)|Sky High]]''. He played Fenton on ''[[That '70s Show]]'' and Andrew (the "[[whore house]] guy") on ''[[Reno 911!]]''. He guest starred in the [[The Last One (Friends)|final episode]] of ''[[Friends]]'', and played Head T.A. Philip in [[Slackers (film)|''Slackers'']].
From 2009 until the show's finale in 2015, Rash starred on ''[[Community (TV series)|Community]]'' as [[List of Community characters#Craig Pelton|Craig Pelton]], the [[dean (education)|dean]] of the community college in which the show takes place. Rash and comedy partner [[Nat Faxon]] moved into screenwriting, writing a pilot in 2005 for a series entitled ''Adopted'', about an adult who finds out his parents are not his birth parents. The show did not take off.<ref name="charlotteobserver.com">[http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2012/02/26/3049545/charlotte-native-wins-oscar-for.html Profile], charlotteobserver.com; accessed October 6, 2017.</ref><ref name="Tompkins"/>
Rash and Faxon wrote the screenplay for ''[[The Descendants]]'', based on the [[The Descendants (novel)|novel of the same name]] by [[Kaui Hart Hemmings]]. The script appeared on the 2008 edition of the [[Black List (survey)|Black List]], which lists the most popular unproduced scripts in Hollywood at that time.<ref>{{cite news |first=Lane |last=Brown |title=The Black List 2008: The Full List |url=http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2008/12/the_black_list_2008_the_full_l.html |work=[[New York (magazine)|New York]] |date=December 15, 2008 |accessdate=March 15, 2012 }}</ref> The film was produced in [[Hawaii]] and starred [[George Clooney]]; it was released on November 18, 2011 to critical acclaim.<ref name="Roger Ebert"/> The film received a [[69th Golden Globe Awards|Golden Globe]] nomination and won an [[84th Academy Awards|Academy Award]] for Best Adapted Screenplay. Rash and Faxon co-wrote and directed the film ''[[The Way Way Back]]'', which received a standing ovation at its premiere at the [[2013 Sundance Film Festival]].<ref>{{cite web |last=Labrecque |first=Jeff |title=Sundance 2013: ''The Way, Way Back'' makes huge splash with nostalgic summer comedy |url=http://insidemovies.ew.com/2013/01/22/the-way-way-sundance|work=Entertainment Weekly |accessdate=January 22, 2013 }}</ref> Parts of the film are based on Rash's teenage life.<ref name="charlotteobserver.com"/> Rash is also a member of the [[Los Angeles]]-based improvisational and sketch comedy troupe [[The Groundlings]].