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{{History of Libya}}
The '''Libyan resistance movement''' was the [[resistancename movement]]given to rebel forces againstopposing the [[Italian Empire|Italian]] during its "[[colonization]]Pacification of [[Libya]]" between 1923 and 1932.
Later [[Idris of Libya|King Idris]] and his [[Senussi]] tribe in the provinces of [[Cyrenaica]] and [[Tripolitania]] started to become opposed to the Italian colonization after 1929, when Italy changed its political promises of moderate "protectorate" to the Senussi (done in 1911) and - because of [[Benito Mussolini]] - started to take complete colonial control of Libya.
Resistance was totally crushed by General [[Rodolfo Graziani]] in the 1930s and the country was fullyagain controlled by the Italians with the help of [[Arabs|Arab]] [[Fascism|fascists]], to the point that many Libyan colonial troops fought on the side of Italy between 1940 and 1943: two divisions of Libyan colonial troops were created in the late 1930s and 30,000 native Libyans fought for Italy during [[World War II]].
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