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Intussusception is an emergency requiring rapid treatment.<ref name=Mar2017/> Treatment in children is typically by an [[enema]] with surgery used if this is not successful.<ref name=Mar2017/> [[Dexamethasone]] may decrease the risk of another episode.<ref name=Gl2017>{{cite journal|last1=Gluckman|first1=S|last2=Karpelowsky|first2=J|last3=Webster|first3=AC|last4=McGee|first4=RG|title=Management for intussusception in children.|journal=The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews|date=1 June 2017|volume=6|pages=CD006476|doi=10.1002/14651858.CD006476.pub3|pmid=28567798}}</ref> In adults, [[bowel resection|surgical removal of part of the bowel]] is more often required.<ref name=Mar2017/> Intussusception occurs more commonly in children than adults.<ref name=Mar2017/> In children, males are more often affected than females.<ref name=Mar2017/> The usual age of occurrence is six to eighteen months old.<ref name=Mar2017/>
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==Signs and symptoms==