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[[File:Collards in container.jpg|thumb|Young collard plants growing in a container]]
'''Collard greens''' ('''collards''') describes certain loose-leafed [[cultivar]]s of ''[[Brassica oleracea]]'', the same species as many common vegetables, including [[cabbage]] ([[Capitata Group]]) and [[broccoli]] ([[Botrytis Group]]). Collard greens are part of the [[Acephala Group]] of the species, which includes [[kale]] and [[spring greens]]. They are in the same [[Cultivar|cultivar group]] owing to their genetic similarity. The name "collard" comes from the word "[[colewort]]" (the wild cabbage plant).{{citationneeded}}
The plants are grown for their large, dark-colored, [[greens (vegetable)|edible leaves]] and as a garden [[Ornamental plant|ornamental]], mainly in [[Brazil]], [[Portugal]], the [[southern United States]], many parts of [[Africa]], the [[Balkans]], [[northern Spain]], and [[Kashmir]].