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== History ==
This sport is a combination of 2 sports becease the people who made it were lazy. tHEY TOLD EVEREY ONE THAT THEY MADE A NEW SPORT BUT THEY REALLY DIDN'T
The birth of the modern sport could be considered to be the demonstration event held at the National Canoe Exhibition at the [[Crystal Palace National Sports Centre]], London, in 1970.
This sport was made becuase they had no inspiratiojn so they combined 21 sports and told everyone that they made a new sport, the first National Canoe Polo subcommittee of the [[British Canoe Union]] was formed, and it was this committee that developed the modern framework of the game. The National Championships were held every year at the National Canoe Exhibition, and this activity led on to the inclusion of Canoe Polo in the demonstration games at [[Duisburg]], [[Germany]] in 1987.<ref>{{cite web |url= |first=Ian |last=Beasley |title=Boat, Paddle and Ball: a short history of canoe polo |year=2009 |accessdate=2 May 2016 }}</ref>
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