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'''Coalition Montréal''' (''Montreal Coalition'') is a [[municipal]] [[political party]] in [[Montreal]], [[Quebec]], [[Canada]], formed in 2013 to support the candidacy of [[Marcel Côté]] for [[mayor of Montreal]]. The party competed for the first time in the [[Montreal municipal election, 2013|2013 municipal election]]. The party was formed by former members of the [[Union Montreal]] party (such as councillor [[Marvin Rotrand]]), as well as the [[Vision Montreal]] party and its former leader ([[Louise Harel]]).
Following Marcel Côté's death on May 25, 2014, [[Benoit Dorais]] became party leader. He resigned that position on December 26, 2016 to sit as an independent councillor, before joining [[Projet Montréal]] for the 2017 elections.<ref> </ref>
[[Marvin Rotrand]] is currently the interim leader of the coalition, and its representative on Montreal city council; under its rules, he thus sits as an independent councillor<ref></ref>
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