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In mathematical astronomy, his fame is due to the introduction of the [[concentric spheres|astronomical globe]], and his early contributions to understanding the movement of the [[planet]]s.
His work on [[Proportionality (mathematics)|proportionsproportion]]s shows insight into [[number]]s; it allows rigorous treatment of continuous quantities and not just [[Integer|whole numbers]] or even [[rational number]]s. When it was revived by [[Niccolò Fontana Tartaglia|Tartaglia]] and others in the 16th century, it became the basis for quantitative work in science for a century, until it was replaced by [[Richard Dedekind]].
[[Impact crater|Craters]] on [[List of craters on Mars#E|Mars]] and the [[Eudoxus (lunar crater)|Moon]] are named in his honor. An [[algebraic curve]] (the [[Kampyle of Eudoxus]]) is also named after him.