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'''Eudoxus of Cnidus''' ({{IPAc-en|ˈ|juː|d|ə|k|s|ə|s}}; {{lang-el|Εὔδοξος ὁ Κνίδιος}}, ''Eúdoxos ho Knídios''; c. 390–390 – c. 337 BC) was a [[Ancient Greece|Greek]] [[astronomer]], [[mathematician]], scholar and student of [[Plato]]. All of his works are lost, though some fragments are preserved in [[Hipparchus]]' commentary on [[Aratus]]'s poem on [[astronomy]].<ref>Lasserre, François (1966) ''Die Fragmente des Eudoxos von Knidos'' (de Gruyter: Berlin)</ref> [[Theodosius of Bithynia]]'s important work, ''[[Sphaerics]]'', may be based on a work of Eudoxus.