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==Landau–Lifshitz pseudotensor<!--'Landau–Lifshitz pseudotensor' and 'Landau-Lifshitz pseudotensor' redirect here-->==
The use of the '''Landau–Lifshitz pseudotensor'''<!--boldface per WP:R#PLA-->, (a combined ''matter'' plus ''gravitational stress–energy–momentum'' [[pseudotensor]] for combined matter (including photons and neutrinos) plus gravity,<ref name="LL">[[Lev Davidovich Landau]] and [[Evgeny Mikhailovich Lifshitz]], ''The Classical Theory of Fields'', (1951), Pergamon Press, {{ISBN|7-5062-4256-7}} chapter 11, section #96</ref> allows the energy–momentum conservation laws to be extended into [[general relativity]]. Subtraction of the matter [[stress–energy–momentum tensor]] from the combined pseudotensor results in the gravitational stress–energy–momentum pseudotensor.