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a series of computers today that ..." {{cite web | |title=Fujitsu Announces Mainframe
|date=September 5, 1990}}</ref> and [[Hitachi, Ltd.|Hitachi]]. Not all were large systems.<ref>"A 3200 system can include up to 16M bytes, with virtual memory freeing programmers from artificial memory constraints. It can handle all major programming languages, such as Cobol, Fortran, PL/I, APL, Basic, and Assembler. The [[National CSS|NCSS]] 3200 series will range in price from $200,00 to $600,000."
|date=September 5, 1990}}</ref> and [[Hitachi, Ltd.|Hitachi]].
{{cite web |url= |title=NCSS 3200}}</ref>
Most of these system vendors evenutally left the PCM market.<ref>"Hitachi has been in the mainframe business for 50 years and currently its AP series of systems are sold to major organisations across Japan. Hitachi Data Systems used to sell Hitachi-made IBM plug-compatible mainframes outside Japan but stopped doing so in 2000." {{cite newspaper |newspaper=The Register |date=May 24, 2017