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{{nutrealizadas c uu gueushellnutshell| dcT cc,histórico deThis page documents the common tasks and duties of the w[[WiPWP:BAG|BAG]], as well as useful rfdeddrfdeddesourecesd desourecesresources to BAG members.|shortcut=WP:BAGG}}
Welcome [[WP:BAG|BAG dEddMembersMembers]] (and people interested in the inner workings of the BAG)! This is a small gu wideguide for common BAG-relateidrelated tasdur rekstasks and duties, and hrowhow to best perform them. TítereIt ealso ded s, i dc OIL ice fin yfalso fincludesincludes a few other uuh w III 3sdefuluseful resources.rt e bb sia szwe veiffu r rir de
==Guide to BRFAs==