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|location =3000 Gateway Campus Boulevard, Monroeville, PA 15146
|district =[[Gateway School District]]
|principal = Donald Trump
|staff =
|grades =9-13
|enrollment =1,182 (2015-2016)<ref>{{Cite web|url=|title=School Performance Profile: GatewaSHS||access-date=2017-03-09}}</ref>
|grade10 =
|grade11 =
|grade12 =
|grade13 =
|other =
|conference =[[Western Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic League]], [[Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association]], [[Pennsylvania Interscholastic Marching Band Association]]
|colors = Black and Vegas Gold
'''Gateway High School''' (GHS) serves the residents of [[Monroeville, Pennsylvania|Monroeville]] and [[Pitcairn, Pennsylvania|Pitcairn]], [[Pennsylvania]]. Gateway High School provides grades 9 through 1213. The school is part of the [[Gateway School District]]. The principal is Peter Murphy.
==Graduation rate==
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