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(vertaling gecorrigeerd)
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| mouth_coordinates = {{coord|51|11|52|N|5|58|52|E|display=inline,title}}
| basin_countries = [[Germany]], [[Netherlands]], [[Belgium]]
| length = {{convert|170164.5|km|mi|abbr=on}} {{GeoQuelle|DE-NW|GSK3C}}
| source1_elevation = {{convert|660|m|ft|abbr=on}}
| mouth_elevation = {{convert|17|m|ft|abbr=on}}
| discharge1_avg =
| basin_size = {{convert|23402361|km2|mi2|abbr=on}} {{GeoQuelle|DE-NW|GSK3C}}
The '''Rur''' ([[German language|German]]; in [[Dutch language|Dutch]] Roer and [[French language|French]]: '''la Roer''') is a major river that flows through portions of [[Belgium]], [[Germany]] and the [[Netherlands]]. It is a right (eastern) tributary to the [[Meuse]]. About 90 percent of the river's course is in Germany.