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==Early years==
Beach was born in [[Springfield, Massachusetts|Springfield]], [[Massachusetts]] and was the son of a prominent publisher, [[Moses Yale Beach|Moses Beach]]. Alfred Beach worked for his father until he and a friend, [[Orson Desaix Munn]], decided to buy ''[[Scientific American]]'', a relatively new publication. They ran ''Scientific American'' until their deaths decades later, and it was carried on by their sons and grandsons for decades more. Munn and Beach also established a very successful patent agency. Beach patented some of his own inventions, notably an early [[typewriter]] designed for use by the blind. After the [[American Civil War|Civil War]] he founded a school for freed slaves in [[Savannah, Georgia|Savannah]], the [[Beach Institute]], which is now the home of the [ King-Tisdell Cottage Foundation].<ref name=obit>"Scientific American", Jan 11, 1896.</ref>
==Invention of a subway==
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