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=== Pitch ===
Canoe polo is played either indoors in swimming pools or outdoors on a pitch which should measure 35 meters by 23 meters.<ref>[ ICF field diagram] {{webarchive|url= |date=2013-12-03 }}</ref> The boundaries of the pitch are ideally marked using [[floating rope]]s (similar to lane markers in swimming), although for smaller venues the edges of the pool are frequently used.
The area approximately 6&nbsp;meters in front of each the goal can be defined as the Zone. This area is where defending players create formations to defend the goal from attackers.
=== Governing bodies ===
* [,Canoe_Polo/77/2230%2F97%2F0%2CCanoe_Polo%2F77%2F2230 Australian Canoe Polo]—official webpage
* [ Official site of British Canoe Polo]
* [ Official Canadian Canoe Polo site]—contains numerous links to local clubs
* [ Official site of Irish Canoe Polo]
* [http Official site of the New Zealand Canoe Polo Assn]
* [ Official site of German Canoe Polo]
* [ Official site of Iran Canoe Polo]