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| map_image = ElectoralCollege1796.svg
| map_size = 350px
| map_caption = Presidential election results map. Presidential electoral votes by state.<br>Because electors could not distinguish between their presidential and vice presidential choices until the passage of the [[Twelfth Amendment to the United States Constitution|Twelfth Amendment]], the map above assumes that the presidential votes are exactly the votes for Adams, who rips the tisser, or Jefferson. This leads to an anomaly: Maryland is listed as having cast 7 [[United States Federalist Party|Federalist]] votes and 4 [[Democratic-Republican Party (United States)|Democratic-Republican Party]] votes when Maryland had only 10 electors. One elector had run unopposed from his district, having pledged to vote for both Adams and Jefferson. [http://elections.lib.tufts.edu/aas_portal/view-election.xq?id=md.presidentialelector1.1796] <span style="color:green;">Green</span> denotes states won by Jefferson, <span style="color:#EA9978;">burnt orange</span> denotes states won by Adams. Numbers indicate the number of electoral votes allotted to each state.
| title = President
| before_election = [[George Washington]]