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==Dual enrollment==
The high school offers a [[Dual enrollment|Dual Enrollment]] program. This state program permits high school students to take courses, at local higher education institutions, to earn college credits. Students remain enrolled at their high school. The courses count towards high school graduation requirements and towards earning a college degree. The students continue to have full access to activities and programs at their high school. The college credits are offered at a deeply discounted rate. The state offers a small grant to assist students in costs for tuition, fees and books.<ref>{{cite web |url= |author=Pennsylvania Department of Education |title=Dual Enrollment Guidelines |deadurl=yes |archiveurl= |archivedate=2014-10-17 |df= }}</ref> Under the Pennsylvania Transfer and Articulation Agreement, many Pennsylvania colleges and universities accept these credits for students who transfer to their institutions.<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Pennsylvania Transfer and Articulation Agreement. |author=Commonwealth of Pennsylvania |date=March 2010}}</ref> The Pennsylvania College Credit Transfer System reported in 2009, that students saved nearly $35.4 million by having their transferred credits count towards a degree under the new system.<ref>{{cite web |url= Report|archive-url= |dead-url=yes |archive-date=September 6, 2012 |title=PA College Credit Transfer System Makes Higher Education More Affordable, Accessible, |author=Pennsylvania Department of Education |date=April 29, 2010 }}{{dead link|date=October 2017 |bot=InternetArchiveBot |fix-attempted=yes }}</ref>
For the 2009-10 funding year, the school district received a state grant of $33,833 for the program.<ref>Pennsylvania Department of Education Dual Enrollment Fall Grants 2009-10. August 2009</ref>