Bar (heraldry): Difference between revisions

File:Blason Jean Porré.svg|''Sable, three bars gemelles Or''
File:Fess doubly costied demo.svg|''Argent, a fess doubly cottised gules''
File:Blason ville fr Berneui-sur-Aisne (60).svg|A ''bar gemel wavy cottised'' in the arms of the [[Communes of France|French commune]] of [[Berneuil-sur-Aisne]]
File:Coat of arms of Saxony.svg|''Barry of ten sable and Or'' in the arms of the [[States of Germany|German state]] of [[Saxony]]
File:Coa Germany State Hessen History.svg|Lion ''barry of ten argent and gules'' in the arms of the German state of [[Hesse]]