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(→‎Notable people: not from BO)
(→‎Notable people: not from BO)
==Notable people==
[[File:Imagebuxtehude.jpg|thumb|200px|Dieterich Buxtehude]]
* [[Menno Simons]] (1496–1561), founder of the Mennonites, died in Wüstenfelde in Bad Oldesloe
* [[Hermann Olshausen]] (1796–1839) theologian.
* [[Isa Genzken]] (born 1948), sculptress and contemporary artist
* [[Rüdiger Schmidt-Grépály]] (born 1952) Cultural Manager
* [[Michael Michalsky]] (born 1967), German [[fashion designer]] and [[designer]], grew up in Bad Oldesloe
* [[Axel Hager]] (born 1969), beach volleyball, won at the 2000 Sydney Olympics bronze medal, grew up in Bad Oldesloe
* [[Katharina Fegebank]] (born 1977), politician (The Greens)
* [[Sonja Scheibl]] (born 1979) trap shooter
* Axel Fischer (born 1981), musician
* [[Rouwen Hennings]] (born 1987), football player
* [[Julia Görges]] (born 1988), tennis player
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