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(→‎Notable people: not from BO)
(→‎Notable people: not from BO)
[[File:Imagebuxtehude.jpg|thumb|200px|Dieterich Buxtehude]]
* [[Menno Simons]] (1496–1561), founder of the Mennonites, died in Wüstenfelde in Bad Oldesloe
* [[Dieterich Buxtehude]] ({{circa}}1637–1707), organist and composer
* [[Hermann Olshausen]] (1796–1839) theologian.
* [[Otto Wilhelm Sonder]] (1812–1881) botanist and pharmacist
* [[Klaus Bargsten]] (1911–2000) captain and sole survivor of sunken [[U-521]]
* [[Henning Schwarz]] (1928–1993) [[Christian Democratic Union (Germany)|CDU]] politician
* [[Gerhard Stoltenberg]] (1928–2001), [[Christian Democratic Union (Germany)|CDU]] politician, Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein 1971–1982, made the town his [[Abitur]]
* [[Frank Schepke]] (1935-2017) Olympic champion in rowing in 1960
* [[Raimund Harmstorf]] (1939–1998), actor, buried in Bad Oldesloe
* [[Isa Genzken]] (born 1948), sculptress and contemporary artist
* [[Rüdiger Schmidt-Grépály]] (born 1952) Cultural Manager
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