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'''Bad Oldesloe''' ({{IPA-de|ˈbaːt ˌɔldəsˈloː}}) is a town located in the northern [[Germany|German]] state of [[Schleswig-Holstein]]. It is the capital of the district of [[Stormarn (district)|Stormarn]].
The area has been inhabited since [[Mesolithic]] times. The flint tools found here from that era (6000–4500 BC) are clearly defined and known as the ''Oldesloer Stufe''. For a number of years in the 18th Century the [[Moravian Church]] had a Congregation in Bad Oldesloe. It was called "''Pilgerruh''", i.e. "Pilgrims' Rest". It was given up because of difficulties with the Danish Church authorities. At that time, the [[Duchy of Holstein]] was ruled by the kings of [[Kingdom of Denmark|Denmark]] within the [[Holy Roman Empire]]. The famed nineteenth-century classicist and legal scholar [[Theodor Mommsen]] was born in Bad Oldesloe in 1817.
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