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{{Infobox company
| name = GE Healthcare
| logo = Ge-healthcare-logo.PNG
| type = [[Subsidiary]]
| industry = [[Health care]]<br>[[Pharmaceutical drug|Pharmaceuticals]]<br>[[Electronics]]<br>[[Manufacturing]]
| foundation = {{Start date and age|1994|09|28}}
| founder =
| location_city = [[Chicago]], [[Illinois]]
| area_served = Worldwide
| key_people = Kieran Murphy, [[Chief executive officer|CEO]]
| products = [[X-ray]], [[CT scan|CT]], [[Magnetic resonance imaging|MRI]], [[Electrocardiography|ECG]] and [[Ultrasound]] [[machine]]s<br>[[Bone density|Bone densitometry]]<br>[[Monitoring (medicine)|Patient monitoring]]<br>[[Neonatal intensive care unit#Incubator|Incubators]] and [[Respiratory system|respiratory]] care systems
| services = [[Medical equipment]]<br>Technology solutions for [[drug discovery]] and [[biopharmaceutical]]s<br>Solutions for [[clinic]]ians and [[health care]] [[Business administration|administrators]]
| revenue = {{increase}} [[United States dollar|US$]]18.3 billion (2016)
| operating_income = {{increase}} US$3.2 billion (2016)
| net_income =
| profit =
| assets =
| equity =
| owner =
| num_employees = Approximately 54,000
| parent = [[General Electric]]
| divisions =
| subsid =
| footnotes = <ref>{{cite web|title=GE: Kieran Murphy|publisher=GE ||accessdate=December 16, 2015|url=}}</ref><ref>{{cite web |url= |format=PDF |title=Leading a Digital Industrial Era - 2016 Annual Report |publisher=General Electric Company |accessdate=2017-06-15 }}</ref>
| intl = yes
| location_country = [[United States]]
| homepage = {{URL|}}
'''GE Healthcare''' is an American [[Multinational corporation|multinational]] [[Conglomerate (company)|conglomerate]] incorporated in [[New York (state)|New York]] and headquartered in [[Chicago, Illinois]].<ref>{{cite news |last=Janssen |first=Kim |url= |title=GE Healthcare moving headquarters to Chicago from U.K. |work=[[Chicago Tribune]] |date=2016-01-11 |accessdate=2017-06-15 }}</ref> As of 2017, the company is a manufacturer and distributor of diagnostic imaging agents and [[radiopharmaceutical]]s for imaging modalities that are used in medical imaging procedures. The company offers dyes that are used in [[Magnetic resonance imaging|magnetic-resonance-imaging]] procedures. GE Healthcare also manufactures medical diagnostic equipment including [[CT scan|CT image machines]]. Further, it develops [[Health technology|healthcare technological solutions]] for medical imaging and [[information technologies]], [[medical diagnostics]], [[Remote patient monitoring|patient monitoring systems]], disease research, [[drug discovery]], and [[Biopharmaceutical|biopharmaceutical manufacturing]]. The company was incorporated in 1994<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=GE HEALTHCARE INC. |publisher=New York State Department of State Division of Corporations |accessdate=2017-06-15 }}</ref> and operates in more than 100 countries. GE Healthcare operates as a subsidiary of [[General Electric]].