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== The Congress ==
[[File:Congrès de Paris, 1856.jpg|thumb|350px300px|right|[[Épinal print]] of the sovereigns of Europe during the Congress of Paris, 1856]]
The '''Congress of Paris''' took place in [[1856]] to make peace after the almost three-year-long [[Crimean War]]. The Congress of Paris was a peace conference held between representatives of the great powers in Europe, which at the time were: [[France]], [[Great Britain]], the [[Ottoman Empire]], [[Sardinia]], [[Russia]], [[Austria]], and [[Prussia]].<ref name="Britannica"/><ref name=Congress>"Congress of Paris". The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2008</ref> They assembled soon after 1 February 1856, when Russia accepted the first set of peace terms after Austria threatened to enter the war on the side of the Allies. It is also notable that the meeting took place in Paris, just at the conclusion of the [[Exposition Universelle (1855)|1855 Universal Expo]] <ref name="Good"/>