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The Rur rises in the [[High Fens]], near the {{convert|696|m|ft|adj=on}} high [[Signal de Botrange]] in Belgium at an elevation of {{convert|660|m|ft}} above sea level. South of [[Monschau]] it flows into Germany, through [[North Rhine-Westphalia]]. It flows first through the northern part of the [[Eifel]] mountains.
After {{convert|39|km|mi}} it reaches the [[Rur Dam|RurstauseeRur Reservoir]], the second-largest artificial lake in Germany. After approximately {{convert|160|km|mi}} it flows into the Netherlands, and at its {{convert|170|km|mi|adj=on}} mark it flows into the river [[Meuse]] atin the citytown of [[Roermond]].
Major tributaries of the Rur include the [[Inde]] and the [[Wurm]]. The towns along the Rur are Monschau, [[Heimbach]], [[Nideggen]], [[Düren]], [[Jülich]], [[Linnich]], [[Hückelhoven]], [[Heinsberg]] (all in Germany) and Roermond (Netherlands).