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The Utah portion of the highway begins in Monument Valley, in [[San Juan County, Utah|San Juan County]]. Just after entering Utah the highway junctions with the Monument Valley Visitors center. The highway proceeds northeast until the town of [[Mexican Hat, Utah|Mexican Hat]] where the highway both crosses the [[San Juan River (Colorado River)|San Juan River]] and exits the [[Navajo Nation]]. From Mexican Hat, the highway travels due east to towards its signed terminus in [[Bluff, Utah|Bluff]]. Formerly, the route continued along what is now signed [[U.S. Route 191 (Utah)|US 191]] to [[Interstate 70 in Utah|I-70]], however the portion north of Bluff was not signed after the creation of US 191 and was formally removed in 2008.<ref name=udotroutelog/><ref name=aashto>{{cite web
|url = http://www.transportation.org/sites/route/docs/US%20Routes%20Application.pdf
|publisher = [[American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials]]
|title = US Route Application
|date = August 1, 2008
|format = pdf
|accessdate = October 30, 2008
|accessdate}}{{dead link|date=September October2017 30,|bot=InternetArchiveBot |fix-attempted=yes 2008}}</ref> The length of US&nbsp;163 in Utah has been designated the Bluff to Monument Valley [[Scenic byway]] by the [[Utah State Legislature]]<ref>{{cite web|url=http://www.utah.com/byways/monument_valley.htm|title=Utah Office of Tourism|accessdate=August 29, 2007}}</ref> and forms part of the Trail of the Ancients [[National Scenic Byway]].<ref>{{cite web
| url = http://www.byways.org/explore/byways/2597/
| title = Trail of the Ancients
| accessdate = November 21, 2007
| publisher = [[U.S. Department of Transportation]] National Scenic Byway program
}}</ref> All highways in Utah are codified in law; US&nbsp;163 is defined at Utah Code §72-4-122(3).<ref>{{cite web|url=http://le.utah.gov/~code/TITLE72/htm/72_04_012200.htm |title=Utah Code Annotated § 72-4-122(3)|publisher= State of Utah|accessdate=March 20, 2008|deadurl=yes|archiveurl=https://web.archive.org/web/20080711120003/http://le.utah.gov/~code/TITLE72/htm/72_04_012200.htm|archivedate=July 11, 2008|df=mdy-all}}</ref>