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* The ReadyBoost algorithm was improved in Windows 7, resulting in better performance. One experiment showed reading of flash memory up to 5–10 times faster than Windows Vista due to higher hit rate.{{Citation needed|date=August 2012}}
* Because ReadyBoost stores its cache as a file on the root directory of the drive rather than using the flash memory without a file system, the file system must be [[Mount (computing)|mounted]] and [[Drive letter assignment|assigned a drive letter]]. The ReadyBoost cache is created on the [[Root directory#Multiple root directories|root directory]] of the drive.
* If the system drive (the primary drive, with Windows system files on it) is a solid-state drive (SSD), ReadyBoost is disabled, since reading from that drive would be at least as fast as reading from the ReadyBoost drive.<ref name=understand>{{cite journal|magazine=[[TechNet Magazine]]|url=http|title=Understand ReadyBoost and whether it will Speed Up your System|publisher=Microsoft|accessdate=2012-12-14}}</ref>
* ReadyBoost caches all data as it is being written to the local hard disk: "the Ecache.sys device driver intercepts all reads and writes to local hard disk volumes (C:\, for example), and copies any data being written into the caching file that the service created."<ref name="russinovich"/> [[Windows Vista I/O technologies#SuperFetch|SuperFetch]] pre-populates frequently-read data into ReadyBoost cache, so SuperFetch is necessary for ReadyBoost to perform well.<ref name="robbiebench">{{cite web|title=ReadyBoost - Robbie's Benchmark|url=|date=14 April 2012|accessdate=17 October 2014}}</ref>
ReadyBoost is not available on [[Windows Server 2008]].<ref>{{cite web
|title=Inside Windows Server 2008 Kernel Changes
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