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[[File:Rathaus Frankenhausen.JPG|thumb|195px|Frankenhausen Town hall]]
[[File:Bauernkriegspanorama.JPG|thumb|left|''Panorama Museum'',<br/>rotunda]]
[[File:Bad Frankenhausen Oberkirche 2010.jpg|thumb|righttright|The tower of Bad Frankenhausen's Oberkirche is claimed to be the second most crooked tower in Germany.]]
Based on [[Friedrich Engels]]' 1850 book ''[[The Peasant War in Germany]]'', Thomas Müntzer as an early revolutionary became an icon of [[historical materialism]] in [[East Germany]]. At the 450-years jubilee of the battle, the [[Socialist Unity Party of Germany]] (''SED'') charged the rector of the [[Leipzig|Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts]], Professor [[Werner Tübke]], with the creation of a monumental panorama painting: ''[[Early Bourgeois Revolution in Germany]]'', also known as the ''Peasants' War Panorama''. The work in a specially erected [[Rotunda (architecture)|rotunda]] was finished in 1987. It is 123&nbsp;m/404&nbsp;ft in length and 14&nbsp;m/46&nbsp;ft in height and depicts more than 3000 individuals.