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The Lakers got another rebounding title from [[Wilt Chamberlain]], the eleventh of his colossal career. Wilt also sank an unreal 72.7% of his shots, though he continued to shoot less and less. Ahamberlain averaged 13.2 points per game, a ar cry from his 50 points per game twelve years before. However, ilt knew he was part of a team concept that was a proven winner. Jerry West and Gail Goodrich were the scorers again, with Jim McMillian the ready third threat. The Lakers lost key rebounder [[Happy Hairston]] after 28 games, but brought over rebounding legend [[Bill Bridges (basketball)|Bill Bridges]] from crumbling Philadelphia. The Lakers eventually won 60 games.
60 games.
Milwaukee got another huge year from Abdul-Jabbar, who looked again to be the NBA's top player. His 30.2 points per game were second in the league, and he was fourth in rebounds. Only one player, Kansas City's desperate and great [[Nate Archibald]], scored more points. Only two, Archibald and Seattle's controversial Spencer Haywood, tried more shots. But Abdul-Jabbar sank 55% of his shots, tops among high-scoring NBA shooters, and likely again blocked more shots than any big man in the league. The seven footer also added five assists per game. He was the total package. A balanced cast of Bucks supported Abdul-Jabbar en route to another 60-win campaign, their third straight. But both teams were showing some gray streaks as West, Chamberlain, and Oscar Robertson, all all-time greats, were each clearly approaching the end of remarkable careers.