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(Added information on Education for Technical Directos)
== Film & Games ==
In Visual Effects (VFX) ([[Industrial Light and Magic]], [[Sony Pictures Imageworks]], etc.), Feature Animation ([[Pixar]], [[Dreamworks Animation]],etc.) and Game Development ([[Naughty Dog]],etc.), a technical director's (TD) [[Film Academy Baden-Württemberg|responsibilities]] vary from studio to studio and as such, the term is not very well defined.
Typically, a TD is a mix of an artist and a programmer, responsible for the more technical aspects of film production, such as programming [[shader]]s, developing [[Skeletal animation|character rigs]] and animation setups, performing complex simulation tasks and setting up the pipeline (how the data is passed from one stage in the film production to the next). In contrast to a programmer, a TD would normally not work on large programming projects but rather make heavy use of [[scripting language]]s such as [[Python (programming language)|Python]], [[Maya Embedded Language|MEL]], [[MAXScript]], or [[shell script]]ing. {{clarify|date=August 2013}} Another responsibility of a TD is to look after any technical problems the regular artists encounter and to develop custom tools to improve the artists' workflow.
* Cloth TD
* Matchmove TD
=== Education ===
Technical Directors usually have a background in computer science, though such education often lacks expertise in practical film and media production. [[Film Academy Baden-Württemberg|Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg]] offers a unique, 30 month post graduate course for [ Technical Directing]. The course is open to applicants world wide (English language skills required). Aside form working on film, animation, vfx and game projects the students also engage in research.
== Theatre ==